2021 Co-Curricular Culture & Music Lesson Sign-On


The Culture Department offers a vast array of opportunities for students to grow in confidence and skill as they develop great friendships.  

We have a large and flourishing music department which offers music lessons and the opportunity to participate in small and large ensembles.  

If your son is currently receiving music lessons we would encourage him to continue in 2021. Students who haven’t learnt before are also welcome to join the program. The College provides Co-Curricular instrument and voice lessons. This program is very extensive, with a range of ensembles and many exciting performance opportunities throughout the year. 

Lessons: Students receive 30 minute lessons in either the first half or second half of an academic period.

  • Individual lessons - $30 per lesson 
  • Group lessons (2-3 students) - $20 per lesson 


Our outstanding ensemble program with over 20 ensembles gives students a diverse range of opportunities to develop their love of music. We have foundational ensembles for students to grow in their enjoyment and musicianship skills. We also have extension ensembles for students who would like to be further extended and these are joined by invitation. There is no extra cost for ensemble participation.  

We offer: 

  • String Orchestras 
  • Symphony Orchestras 
  • Choirs 
  • Big Bands 
  • Jazz Ensembles 
  • Concert Bands 
  • Percussion Ensembles  
  • Rock Bands 

Please click the following links to sign-on:

MUSIC LESSONS SIGN ON (Please sign on before Friday October 30)

Click here to view the Co-Curricular Music Lessons Terms and Conditions

MUSIC ENSEMBLES SIGN ON (Please sign on before Friday October 30)

Please address all enquiries regarding any element of the Co-Curricular music program to music@stpatricks.qld.edu.au

COLLEGE MUSICAL (Years 5 – 12)

Every two years we produce a Senior Musical in conjunction with St John Fisher College. Auditions for next year’s musical will be held in term 4, 2020 with rehearsals running twice weekly throughout term 1 and early term 2 next year. Performances will be staged in the College Auditorium in early May. Students from years 7 to 12 are invited to participate.

To register to receive an AUDITION PACK for next year’s musical, please click HERE.
Students in younger grades will be eligible to participate in our Junior School Musical in 2022.

DEBATING (Years 7 – 12)

Debating is a structured argument on a set topic between two teams of three speakers. Teams argue opposite sides (Affirmative and Negative) of a current topic. Students from years 7 to 12 compete in the Queensland Debating Union (QDU) Secondary and Junior Secondary Schools competitions.

To sign-on for QDU debating in 2021 please click here before Friday October 30.



The following activities are available for students in 2021. There will be an opportunity to sign-up for these programs early in Term 1 next year.

ART CLUB (Years 5 – 12)
Students with an interest in visual arts are invited to join an Art Club. The group meets weekly to discuss and produce art works across a wide variety of genres and media. 

CHESS (Years 5 – 12)

SPC Chess is open to players of all levels who just want to have a fun game or are keen to represent the College.  Chess Club is a great place to meet new friends and learn some terrific techniques from our talented coaching team.  Term Two sees the College team, The Chessmen, compete in the AIC school’s competition.

FILM CREW (Years 7 – 12)
The SPC Film Crew is a group of dedicated students who learn about photography and Film Making and then put these skills into practice, creating short films and photo displays.

THEATRE SPORTS (Years 7 – 12)
Theatre Sports is a team-based improvisational theatre event where teams of four or five engage in 'games' where they must create a scene out of a 'theme' or 'idea' given to them only a few seconds prior to beginning

MOOTING (Years 11-12)

The aim of the Mooting Club is to bring together those students who participate in a range of law-based activities and advocacy work. This year the society participated in the Moreton Bay Law Week, the Queensland Legal Studies Youth Parliament and the QUT High School Moot. This activity is limited to students in years 11 & 12.

If you would like any clarification regarding the nature of the Cultural Activities offered, please direct your enquiry to culture@stpatricks.qld.edu.au .


Kind regards,


Geoff Samuels

Head of Culture