Co-Curricular Music Lesson and Ensemble Sign-on

Music Lessons

Please contact if you wish to enrol in music lessons.

If your son is currently receiving music lessons we would encourage him to continue in 2023. Students who haven’t learnt before are also welcome to join the program. The College provides Co-Curricular instrument and voice lessons. This program is very extensive, with a range of ensembles and many exciting performance opportunities throughout the year. See what's on offer. 

Lessons: Students receive 30 minute lessons in either the first half or second half of an academic period.
Cost: Individual lessons - $30 per lesson 
Group lessons (2-3 students) - $20 per lesson 


Our outstanding ensemble program with over 20 ensembles gives students a diverse range of opportunities to develop their love of music. We have foundational ensembles for students to grow in their enjoyment and musicianship skills. We also have extension ensembles for students who would like to be further extended and these are joined by invitation. There is no extra cost for ensemble participation.  See what's on offer.