Cultural Program

"Imagination is the spark that ignites creativity. Creativity is the fire that motivates, innovates and liberates our students to grow as they discover their abilities, passions and purpose."

Ms Kate Albury - Head of Culture

St Patrick’s College offers students an exciting and diverse range of cultural programs and activities designed to complement and balance the curriculum. These programs encourage participation, teamwork, self-confidence and creativity. Students across all year levels are actively encouraged to extend and explore their interests, skills and knowledge through participation in a broad range of cultural activities.

The cultural program provides students with opportunities for character development, decision-making, collaboration, problem-solving and leadership. These experiences enrich the lives of students and develop valuable global skills which empower them as they move into life beyond the college.

At St Patrick's College, our programs are designed to be;

ACCESSIBLE: Participation is offered to students regardless of their levels of experience or expertise.

ENJOYMENT BASED: Each activity is designed to allow students to identify areas of interest and passion. They provide an inclusive and non-judgemental space where young men are free to try new things.

DEVELOPMENTAL: Students are provided with support and guidance by experienced tutors and coaches to assist them to develop their potential.

CELEBRATED: A broad range of opportunities are provided to allow students to showcase their work in performances, presentations and competitions. 


The Cultural Program presents opportunities in the following areas: 

  • Instrumental and Vocal Music (Tuition and Ensembles)
  • Chess 
  • Debating 
  • Theatresports 
  • Art Clubs 
  • Film Clubs
  • Musicals
  • Tech Crew
  • Dance Crew

For example, your son may wish to;


All students in Year 5 are provided with an instrument as part of their curriculum program. Additionally, all students from Years 5 to 12 can access private lessons for over 25 different instruments within our orchestral and contemporary music programs. This equips them to join one or more of the many groups, ensembles and bands available at the College. 


There are opportunities for students to join the cast, band or crew for our biannual College Musical staged collaboratively with St John Fisher College. The Middle School Musical is staged in alternate years.