Libraries are central in developing and empowering students to access, interpret and apply the information of our multimodal world and to then function effectively and successfully in today's society. The Brother Dwyer Memorial Library provides a physical and an online space to assist students to connect themselves as learners to ideas and achieve successful educational outcomes. The Library not only provides a variety of print and non-print resources but information and communication technology facilities both for individual and class use.

The role of the Library is to provide an extensive and relevant collection of curriculum resources to support the learning, co-curricular and recreational needs of the school community. The junior and senior teacher librarians are available to support and direct students managing information tasks and to work collaboratively with staff.

The Library provides the tools and resources students need to support their learning. These include databases, books, websites, subject portals, videos and mutimedia devices. The library online portal allows students to access support and resources anywhere, anytime using digital media to teach young men how to use the online world for research and work purposes. St Patrick's Libguides form a portal through which students can access materials and support in the digital environment to assist them for life in the 21st century.