Teaching & Learning

"The learning environment at St Patrick’s College is designed to instil a love of learning. The development of the knowledge and skills required for each young man to make a positive difference in the world is achieved through quality teaching and learning - led by caring, passionate, and motivated teachers. A school-wide focus on improved literacy is combined with a purpose built pedagogical framework to optimise student outcomes."

Mr Troy Schultz - Dean of Teaching and Learning
Excellence in Teaching 

The teaching staff at St Patrick's College are committed to providing engaging and effective learning experiences that are underpinned by the College-wide pedagogical framework – Robert Marzano’s 'The New Art and Science of Teaching'. Teachers at St Patrick’s combine consistent instructional strategies which are evident across the College and ongoing feedback on student learning with data informed strategies that cater for our diverse range of learners. Our teachers use instructional strategies that are evidence based with a focus on the development of key literacy skills. The teaching staff of the College strive for excellence. They are a highly qualified, experienced and generous group of professionals who consistently contribute beyond expectations, both within and outside the classroom.

Academic Excellence

Our young Men of Learning are catered for in developmentally appropriate ways but within a whole school context. A broad range of curriculum offerings in Years 5-9 allows students to experience a well-rounded education that progresses into more defined pathways as students enter their senior years and begin to forge their pathway into their life beyond the College. Students are supported and challenged to reach their potential and develop the knowledge and skills that will ensure their success in a rapidly changing contemporary world; communication, critical thinking, adaptivity, resilience and a desire to make a difference.

A Data Informed Approach

The academic progress of all young men is reviewed in an ongoing manner through a target setting and academic mentoring program. Each teacher works towards knowing deeply, the learning potential of every student in their classroom. Students can access a wide range of support outside the traditional classroom with formation programs, study clubs, tutoring, and extra assistance provided by the Exceptional Learners department for those students with unique needs, gifts, or talents.

One to One Laptop Program

St Patrick’s College recognises that information communication technologies have the potential to foster higher levels of collaboration, communication, critical and creative thinking and innovation. To keep pace in a rapidly developing world, students are supported to develop their confidence, responsibility and digital literacy with access to their own laptop within a one to one laptop program across all year levels.