College Policies

The College adopts a number of policy and procedure documents to help define the rights and responsibilities of all staff and students at the College. This page is a repository of some of the governance documents formulated and adopted by the College community. Current students and parents are able to access and reference College policies through REALM.

College Rules and Expectations

St Patrick's College Bullying Prevention Policy

St Patrick's College Complaints Policy

St Patrick's College Complaints Handling Guidelines

St Patrick's College Enrolment Policy

St Patrick's College Electronic Communication Protocols

St Patrick's College Privacy Policy

Edmund Rice Education Australia Complaints Procedure

Edmund Rice Education Australia Code of Conduct

Edmund Rice Education Australia Privacy Policy

Edmund Rice Education Australia Whistleblower Protection Policy 

Edmund Rice Education Australia Whistleblower Protection Policy Guidelines for Employees and Service Providers

Edmund Rice Education Australia Whistelblower Protection Policy Guidelines for Students and Parents

Narragunnawali Reconciliation Action Plan


VET Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedures

VET Complaints and Appeals Record Form

Child Safeguarding

All children have a right to feel safe, and be safe. St Patrick's College is committed to creating an environment where the safety, wellbeing, and participation of all children and young people is paramount. We have zero tolerance of child abuse and all allegations and safety concerns are treated very seriously and consistent with our robust policies and procedures. As part of EREA, the College has legal and moral obligations to contact authorities when we are worried about a child’s safety, which we follow rigorously. The following policies relate to our commitment to child protection. 

Edmund Rice Education Australia Statement of Commitment to Child Safety

Edmund Rice Education Australia Student Protection Processes and Guidelines

Edmund Rice Education Australia Safeguarding Children Site

St Patrick's College Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy

St Patrick's College Student Protection Contacts and College Authority Details

St Patrick's College Student Welfare Policy