College Staff

St Patrick's College currently employs over 170 staff members in the core areas of teaching, administration, building and grounds and cleaning staff. All staff are extremely valuable in developing the strong sense of community at St Patrick's, and are vital in enabling the school to provide outstanding education to the students.

Over 100 teaching staff are employed at St Patrick's and they provide a wide array of qualifications and talents. One key focus of the College is excellence in teaching and learning which is coupled with the development of strong relationships between the staff and students to produce a positive and caring community. A comprehensive induction program is provided for new staff as well as ongoing professional development opportunities. In-service opportunities are provided in a vast range of areas, including that of Edmund Rice Education, Accreditation to Teach in a Catholic School, Accreditation to Teach Religion in a Catholic School, Registration and Teaching Professional Standards, Teaching and Learning, Boys' Education, Pastoral Care and Personal Formation. The ongoing professional development of the staff is highly valued and supported, including financial assistance for Masters studies related to Teaching and Learning.

College Leadership Team

The College Leadership Team work together to provide leadership and direction to the College community to achieve the mission of St Patrick's. Under the direction of the College Principal each of the Deans have responsibility for leading different aspects of College life.