Formation Program

The Formation of the whole person requires sessions based on building positive emotions, engagement, authentic connections, awareness, meaning and a sense of achievement, and consequently, students are advantaged by being informed, confident, adaptive and resilient.

We are committed to forming young Men of Action through the development of values and right relationships as students participate in pastoral, academic and co-curricular programs across their St Patrick’s College journey.

There are three stages in the St Patrick’s College Formation Program, with a series of learning objectives and student experiences. Executing the stages sequentially provides a continuity of learning that builds from themes of identity to exploration, and, concludes with decision-making and evaluation. Programs are operated on a Year level basis and strive to develop a student’s relationship with God and others, self-esteem, mental and physical well-being and leadership skills.

Fundamental Principles

At its core, the program emphasises the following principles:

  • Learn about themselves and others
  • Learn to live and serve in a community
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities in working with others
  • Discover the value of relationships
  • How our actions and decisions based on our own needs impacts the community

PLEASE CLICK HERE to see the Formation Activities and Experiences and the desired learning outcomes across the Year levels.