College Board

As an Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) school, the St Patrick’s College Board has as its Mission to provide a Catholic Education in the Edmund Rice tradition within the wider Catholic Church.

Further, within the ministry of Governance, EREA School Boards embrace this Mission through fidelity to the Charter and the cultural characteristics of Catholic Schools in the Edmund Rice Tradition. The EREA Governance Framework articulates the roles, delegations, authorities and responsibilities of EREA Council, EREA Board, EREA Executive, EREA Principals and EREA School Boards.

The Board works in partnership with the Principal in order to undertake a range of delegated responsibilities aimed at providing optimum learning outcomes for all students attending the College.

The 2019 College Board Members
  • Mr Adam Carter (Board Chair)
  • Br Denis Sullivan
  • Mr Zane Barron
  • Mr Greg Bolton
  • Mr Craig Henderson
  • Dr Kerry Manton
  • Mr Lachlan Moore
  • Ex-Officio Member: Mr Chris Mayes (College Principal)
  • Guest Member: Mr Frank Torrisi (Deputy Principal)
  • Guest Member: Mr Liam Casey (Business Manager)
  • Board Secretary: Mrs Jan Thompson

College Board Report 2018

It has again been a pleasure to Chair the College Board in 2018.  Positions on the Board are held for a defined period of time to ensure stable renewal.  In February an information evening was held for those in our community that were interested in a position on the College Foundation or College Board as a number of positions were due to be vacated.  The evening was very well attended by people interested in being involved in the direction of the College.  In May, as part of this process the Board farewelled Janine Berry and Brit Gurnett, after three year terms on the board, and in September, Louise Olley after five years.  On behalf of the entire Board I would like to thank each of them for their commitment and expertise offered to the College Board and sub-committees.  We welcomed to the Board, Mr Greg Bolton, Dr Kerry Manton and Mr Zane Barron, bringing with them vast experience in compliance and education.

During 2017 the College Leadership Team, Board, student body and parents submitted responses on where they see St Patrick’s in the next five years.  The document developed from that feedback, “Shared Vision” was released this year and has been used in the initial design of the College Strategic Plan.  Further consultation with College stakeholders is continuing to ensure the Strategic Plan encompasses the vision of the entire College Community.

Our School Renewal report lodged with EREA and was returned to the College commending areas including liberating education, the strong teaching and learning agenda, gospel values and inclusive education that are in line with the EREA touchstones.

The Board has supported the College in working to sustainability. The College Board has been involved in planning the future needs of the College as we get closer to an expected spike in the College population in 2020 after next year’s smaller senior cohort.  As the College prepares for a change in the OP outcomes to the ATAR curriculum, subjects offered and required classrooms saw the appointment of new architects.  This has been extended to planning of green space around the campus.

I would like to again thank all those who give up their time to serve on the various College Board sub committees.  Your expertise and commitment to the College is what brings such great value to our community.

When our family first became a part of St Patrick’s, it was known as the northside’s best kept secret.  The College is much bigger now, but has never lost the art of turning young boys into Men of Action.  I was once told that to be a part of your children’s lives, you need to be involved in their world.   In the last 12 years, I have not only seen my own boys grow into the men they are today, I have seen many boys exceed even their own expectations.  It has been a privilege to be a part of the St Patrick’s community, but I will step down as Board Chair at the end of this year.  As I do, I know that the Board is in great shape with Mr Adam Carter to take over as Board Chair.  I congratulate Adam on his appointment and wish him all the very best in his new role.

Finally, I would like to thank our College Principal, Mr Chris Mayes, the College Leadership Team and all staff for their commitment to the young men of St Patrick’s throughout 2018.

Certa Bonum Certamen – Fight the Good Fight

David Molloy
Board Chair
St Patrick's College