School Advisory Council

As an Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) school, the St Patrick’s School Advisory Council has as its Mission to provide a Catholic Education in the Edmund Rice tradition within the wider Catholic Church.

Further, within the ministry of Governance, EREA School Boards embrace this Mission through fidelity to the Charter and the cultural characteristics of Catholic Schools in the Edmund Rice Tradition. The EREA Governance Framework articulates the roles, delegations, authorities and responsibilities of EREA Council, EREA Board, EREA Executive, EREA Principals and EREA School Advisory Councils.

The School Advisory Council works in partnership with the Principal in order to undertake a range of delegated responsibilities aimed at providing optimum learning outcomes for all students attending the College.

The 2024 school advisory council are:

Mrs Emily Pritchard (Advisory Council Chair)
Mrs Tanya Anderson
Ms Jo Cunningham
Mr Craig Jenkins
Mr Michael Marlow
Ms Gretchen McKinley
Mr Shaun Newton
Mr Dale Pollard
Mr Ian Turton
Ex-Officio Member: Mr Chris Mayes (College Principal)
Guest Member: Mr Frank Torrisi (College Deputy Principal)
Guest Member: Mr Liam Casey (College Business Manager)
Advisory Council Secretary: Mrs Lisa Locke

    College Board Report 2023

    This is the tenth year that I have been a member of the College Advisory Board and the fifth year I have had the pleasure of being chair, and my tenure has ended.

    It has been a privilege to be a part of the St Patrick’s community over the last ten years, where I have seen many boys exceed their expectations through working together as a community and team.

    I want to thank the Year 12 Student Leaders and cohort of 2023 and welcome the new Year 12 leaders and Senior Cohort for 2024.

    We should never underestimate a “Paddy’s Boy” as evidenced by some great on-field sporting, academic and cultural successes.
    It is pleasing to see that Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) has undertaken extensive reviews and implemented new governance structures, which will only continue to improve the College reporting and the safety and well-being of students and teachers. We are a progressive and leading EREA school because of the hard work of Mr Chris Mayes, the College Leadership Team and the teachers and support staff.

    I want to thank all those who give up their time to serve on the various College Advisory Council sub-committees and the Foundation Board. Your expertise and commitment to the College bring tremendous value to our community.

    I also wish to thank my fellow Advisory Council members and sub-committees for volunteering their time and expertise to the College. I thank the following school advisory council members for their valuable contribution and time in supporting the progression of the college. Three of the current members will be stepping down this year:

    Associate Professor Kerry Manton has accepted the chair position of the Board at Stuartholme College.
    Mr Greg Bolton has stood down after completing his tenure but will continue as an independent member on the new governance committee; and
    Mr Zane Barron, a former old boy, has also made an excellent contribution to the College. I wish the remaining advisory members, Mr Michael Marlow, Mr Ian Turton and Mrs Emily Pritchard, all the best as the baton is passed on to the new School Advisory Council members. This team plays a significant role within the St Patrick’s community by offering their expertise and feedback on the governance and strategic directions of the school.

    The Council works with the College Leadership Team to maintain a balance between affordability for families and the continuing need to provide quality educational opportunities for students. We have high expectations for continual improvement and growth as we strive to be the school of choice for families on the Northside of Brisbane. My sincere thanks go out to the parents and community for choosing this great School and the many sacrifices and time you make to send your son to St Patrick's College do not go unnoticed. Together, with the College staff, we all strive to form Men of Action who will make a positive difference throughout their lives.

    I would also like to thank the College student leaders for their leadership of the student body and their support they provide the teaching staff and their strong comradeship with each other and students.

    Finally, I would like to thank the College Leadership Team and all teachers, support, finance and admin, maintenance, sporting and cultural and volunteer staff for their commitment and support of the young men of St Patrick’s throughout 2023. I have witnessed the dedication and countless hours that you all staff contribute to this great school, and I thank you for the great work that you do.

    Keep the candle burning and ensure that the fire never goes out.

    “Education is the great engine to personal development.” — Nelson Mandela

    Go forth and prosper and continue to be proud Men of Action.

    Certa Bonum Certamen – Fight the Good Fight

    Mr Adam Carter
    Advisory Council Chair
    St Patrick's College