Strategic Plan and Annual Reports


St Patrick's College has been developing Men of Action since 1952, since that time the College has continued to grow and develop into a thriving community with a clear direction for our future. This takes planning, consultation and commitment as a community to provide the best environment possible for our young men. 

Strategic Plan
Our Place, My Story 2024-2026 Strategic Plan

With great enthusiasm, we introduce to you our new St Patrick’s College Strategic Plan (2024-2026): “Our Place, My Story.” The plan commits us toward a future where every individual’s story matters—a future that celebrates diversity, fosters excellence, and ignites hope within our school community. At the core of this plan lies a profound belief: every person brings a unique story and has the potential to shine.

Our Place, My Story
was written to be inclusive of all staff, students and families within the College community and commits St Patrick’s to…

Offering Liberating Catholic Education.

The plan commits to quality teaching and learning which empowers all to reach their ambitions and become hope-filled agents of positive change. It will encourage critical and creative thinking, compassion, and care for all, through a sense of responsibility toward each other and the environment. A liberating education at SPC aims to ignite lifelong curiosity.

Being the School of Choice(s).

Our College campus will be a sanctuary of possibilities because everyone will have choices — to explore, excel, and belong. Success will be celebrated across a range of diverse pathways so that every student is, and feels that, they are seen, heard, and valued. We are committed to catering for individual growth so that no one feels lost in the crowd.

Embedding Engaging and Innovative Practices.

Learning should captivate hearts and minds. Our teaching practices will aim to be even more dynamic and responsive because curiosity thrives in captivating environments. We will use evidence-based teaching pedagogies together with interactive technology, to capture the interest of all learners and prepare them for their future.

Values Led and Futures Driven Thinking.

St Patrick’s will continue to be a community committed to right relationships because it is founded on values imbued in teachings of the Catholic Church. We honour tradition, but our gaze will be to the future ahead of us. We will support every person to be the best that they can be for futures beyond our walls, where they can shape a better world.

Our Place, My Story
aims to unleash the potential of everyone so they can be beacons to others, leading them to be hope-filled and encounter greater possibilities by dreaming boldly, and believing that they have the potential to create a better tomorrow by what they learn and do today.

We believe that our new strategic directions will build on past successes and reinvigorate and equip St Patrick’s to move forward to create greater possibilities for new and diverse pathways and opportunities that will allow everyone to embrace their future ambitions with confidence.

Our Place, My Story 2024-2026 Strategic Plan

annual reports

The Annual Report provides the College community with reliable and objective information about College performance and policies. The report also outlines information about initiatives and developments of major interest and importance to the College community during the year. Accordingly, the report provides accountability to the College community, regulatory bodies and Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA). 

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