2022 - Celebrating 70 Years

St Patrick’s College has a proud history of educating young men for the past 70 years, this is a time for our community to reflect on how the College has evolved over this time to be a successful teaching and learning facility that nurtures our students for success. This is a special time for all who have come before us and still call themselves a member of the St Patrick’s College community. There are many facets to our community and each one will play a special part in helping us celebrate this important milestone.

Our Staff - The Backbone of our College

Our College is made special because of the people who are a part of it, our educators and support staff are the driving force behind our success. We are who we are because of the many people who have helped us weave the fabric of St Patrick’s College over the last 70 years. 

Teaching and learning practices have changed dramatically over the last 70 years, and as a College we are well prepared for future educational advancements. We are responsive to the rapidly changing world around us and the impacts this will have on the future workforce. We are committed to ensuring our young men are well equipped with the skills and values they will require to be successful. 

It is a time for our staff to reflect on our history with stories and memories of who we are, our achievements, the times we have been challenged but most importantly what makes us special.  

Our Alumni - The Shoulders of the Giants who have come before us

St Patrick’s College has been home to thousands of students over the past 70 years and has provided a sense of community for them and their families. In our 70th Year of educating young men we acknowledge our alumni and the legacy they have left behind for the young men who have followed them. 

We have a proud history of developing young men into good citizens who go out into the world and make it a better place. We recognise the achievements of our past students in their pursuit of successful careers and professions.  

We look forward to celebrating this important milestone in our history with our past St Patrick’s College students and invite them to share their stories and memories with us. 

Our Students - The Future Generation

As a student at St Patrick’s College you stand on the shoulders of the giants who have come before you. Every young man who makes that final walk through the College gates leaves behind a legacy; an opportunity to leave St Patrick’s a better place for the part you played in its history. 

In our 70th Year celebration, we ask that you reflect on the rich history of the College and how it has shaped the gift of education you are fortunate enough to receive today. What will be your legacy? what will you leave behind that the next generation of students at St Patrick’s College may reflect on in 10, 20 and 30 years? 

There will be many opportunities throughout our 70th Jubilee Year to celebrate our history, and we ask each young man to take the time to learn a little more about our past, our achievements and the journey that thousands of students have taken as a member of the St Patrick’s College community. 

We also ask that you wear your St Patrick’s College uniform with pride this year and remember those who have come before you. As a student at St Patrick’s College you are not just representing the current College community, but you are also paying respect to past students, staff, and families. There is much to be proud of and we remind you of the honour associated with wearing the green and gold. 

Our Community - A Sense of Family

This is a time for our community to reflect on how the College has evolved over the last 70 years to be a successful teaching and learning facility that nurtures our students for success. 

The College has educated thousands of students and provided a sense of community and belonging to their families. As an active member of the broader community of Shorncliffe, Sandgate and Redcliffe the College has developed a reputation for community service. The College also has a significant historical reference in the Sandgate and Shorncliffe local community. We have always maintained a commitment to supporting local business and involving them in our College community.  

The College campus is home to one of the oldest landmarks in Shorncliffe, Morven House. After various iterations, Morven House became the centre piece of St Patrick’s College since 1952. Its historical significance as a seaside home of gothic grandeur has become a hallowed part of the history of our College. 

In our 70th Year, the College as part of its jubilee celebrations, will aim to raise funds to support much needed structural and internal refurbishment of Morven House to secure this cornerstone of our history and its significance in the history of the local community.