Masterplan 2020-2030

Take a Flythrough! College MasterPlan 2020-2030

The College is excited to announce the commencement of work on the next stage of our Masterplan 2020-2030. The following renderings and flythroughs will give you an indication of what we hope to see.

Student Office

Our Student Office will be relocated to the boundary of our campus, opening onto Pier Ave, opposite the Sea View Building. This will allow visitors to go to reception before entering the College campus. These Student Offices will house our Dean of Students, Director of Student Well-being and Engagement, College Counsellors, College Nurse and our Student and Parent Reception. The current Student Office will be demolished to allow less congestion with student movement.

O’Connor Building & Offices

Our O’Connor Building, that was originally built and designed in the 1970s, will also be redeveloped. For safety and access reasons we will be extending the O'Connor building by joining a verandah towards the oval by 7-8m. This elevated and covered area will not only provide breakout spaces for our learning areas but also weather protections and alternative access to the classrooms, avoiding congestion in the corridors.

Staff Offices will be constructed underneath the O’Connor Building and behind Morven, allowing easy access for students and better opportunities to exit and enter the building. These offices, along with the relocation of Student Offices, will help to create a great open thoroughfare through the heart of our College, enabling our Plaza and New Street Café areas and Tennis courts, to join seamlessly with the Oval, Christian Brother’s Building and the Callan Centre.

Our Tennis courts and Basketball courts at the front of the College will be renovated, including resurfacing and the replacement of fences.

Student Offices
O'Connor Building & Offices