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Supporting the Foundation

How You Can Help

There are numerous ways you can choose to support the St. Patrick's College Foundation. Some of these include:

Optional levy on school fees

You can support the Foundation via your school fees. The $132 tax deductible donation can be paid weekly, fortnightly, monthly or each term. Tax deductible receipts will be distributed at end of each financial year.


The St. Patrick's College Foundation hosts several signature events throughout the year. Two such events are the Business Breakfast Series and the annual Shindig. You might like to sponsor one of these events or join us as our guest. Our events are a great way for our community to support St. Patrick's College and socialise with one another. The proceeds of these events are invested directly into the College via the Bursary Program, Certa Bonum Certamen Fund or our Building works.

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Business Directory

St. Patrick's College invites all members of our community to advertise their business in our new and updated online Business Directory.

The St. Patrick's College online Business Directory serves to connect families, past students, staff and supporters of the College in a practical and mutually beneficial way. Advertising in our directory supports our College and provides local businesses with an affordable way to reach our large audience. We encourage all College families to support the businesses of fellow College families whenever they can.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Various other sponsorship opportunities also exist within the College. Some of these include the Paddies' Van, naming rights for Bursaries and signage at Curlew Park. St Patrick's College values corporate support and offers a variety of opportunities for your organisation to engage with the College and be acknowledged for your assistance and generosity.

Our Tax Deductible Funds

The Foundation is grateful to receive any donations that enable it to continue to support the 'good-will' activities of the College, including the Bursary program, the Certa Bonum Certamen Fund and the Paddies' Van. You can show your support of the Foundations work by donating to one of our three tax deductible funds:

Bursary Fund

Donations to the Bursary Fund help us to provide bursaries to those students whose families face financial hardship and otherwise would not be in a position to attend the College. A bursary is the gift of an education to an underprivileged child. Our bursaries are offered on family need and circumstance rather than academic or sporting achievement. Donations to the Bursary Fund are tax deductible.


Building Fund

The Building Fund was established to assist the College with the costs of acquisition, construction and maintenance of College buildings and associated facilities in support of the College Master Plan. While tuition fees cover a major portion of an education at St. Patrick's College, they do not provide all the funds needed to undertake building projects and new major capital works. The Foundation Building Fund is vital for the provision of new buildings and resources. Donations to the Building Fund are tax deductible.


Bequest Program

Making a bequest is the ultimate gift. After caring for family and friends consider providing a gift of this type to St. Patrick's College. A bequest is a wonderful opportunity to create a legacy that will have a positive impact on the lives of generations of young men long after you have gone.