With the end of year upon us I would like to sincerely thank all the parents for your wonderful support during the year. The role of parents within the College community and the support of their son is vital to the success of a school. St Patrick’s has had a very successful year and one in which growth has continued to occur. This has been enhanced by the positive role played by our parents.

I would like to thank the following staff who will finish their journey at the end of the year:

Leaving – Resignations

  • Mrs Nicole Draisey (Retirement)
  • Mr Peter Bancroft (Retirement)
  • Mr Steven Lawrence
  • Mr Timothy Merrett
  • Mr Ross Dodt (Retirement)
  • Mr Geoff Paulsen

End of Contract

  • Mr Kev Van der Weide
  • Ms Jan Martens
  • Ms Nastassia O’Hearn
  • Ms Megan McVeigh
  • Mrs Sara Lodder
  • Mrs Taryn Clarke

Staff who will be on leave during 2019

  • Ms Kate Belfrage
  • Mrs Ashleigh Walker
  • Mrs Sandra Cartwright

The College through the term has conducted a number of interviews for positions. The following staff appointments have been made in preparation for the 2019 academic year.

Middle Leadership Positions

  • House Dean Rice - Ms Paige MacDonald
  • House Dean Mooney – Mr Tim Hoysted
  • Acting Treacy House Dean – Mr Andrew Scanlan
  • Program Leader Formation – Ms Kate Mulvihill
  • Program Leader – Daily Organisation - Mr Adam McPhee
  • Director Junior School – Ms Celia King
  • Director Senior School – Mr Jonathan Brough
  • Director Pedagogy and Learning Innovation – Ms Ralda Doeki

Full-time Continuing Position

  • Program Leader Religion Years 7-9 – Mrs Tara Dunn
  • Teacher of Humanities and Business – Mr Trent Sellars
  • Learning Support Teacher – Ms Leesa Harris
  • Learning Support Teacher – Mrs Annette Holmes
  • Teacher Aide Position – Mrs Gayle Rush

Teaching Contracts (12 months)

  • Teacher of Biology and Junior Science – Mr Samuel Sprenger
  • Teacher of English, Humanities and Religion – Mr Paul Pollock
  • Teacher of English, Humanities and Religion – Mr Steven Wallace
  • Teacher of Media Studies, Art and Religion – Mrs Lucy Hulme
  • Teacher of Mathematics – Ms Belinda Drury
  • Teacher of Mathematics – Ms Nina Lau
  • Teacher of Art and Media Studies – Ms Leigh Wissmann

Teaching Contract (Term 1)

  • Teacher of Manual Arts – Michael Bramwell

Administration Positions (Full time continuing term time)

  • Administration Assistant – Mrs Melinda Sommerville

The end of the school year brings the holidays upon us and in many cases the question of what to do to keep our sons engaged. Hopefully, the holidays will be a time for families to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. Most important in this is spending time together. The greatest gift we can give our children is time together. Make the most of these opportunities and enrich your son’s life. I wish everyone a safe and joyous Christmas.

Start of School Year 2019 —All Years 5, 7 and 12 and new students will commence school on Wednesday, 30 January. All students will attend from Thursday, 31 January.

I would like to thank and congratulate all staff, students and parents for the great support provided to me this year, as well as the enormous contribution they have made to the St Patrick’s community throughout 2018.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

Mr Frank Torrisi – Deputy Principal