As we conclude our first term of the year, we will have some boys very pleased with their progress, others somewhat disappointed. The challenge now for them is to reflect on why they achieved what they did.If they received that A+ for their Maths assignment, it is most likely because they were excellent time managers and relentlessly pursued excellence for that piece. Roger Federer, at the peak of his career was still chasing improvement and said “there’s no way around hard work.Embrace it. You have to put in the hours because there’s always something which you can improve. ”For our young men, if the hard work has happened throughout the term, then the assessment they undertook at the end of the term, hopefully, was the easy part. I know there are some Year 10 and 11 students in the process of redefining for themselves what hard work looks like.I have had several boys come to me lamenting some results and the first question I ask is ‘were you at capacity?’ If the answer is no, then we as their teachers and parents need to guide them to revisit the study plan they wrote at the start of the year (did they even use it?!), the targets they set for themselves in the short term (subject goals) and in the long term (what do they want to do after their senior schooling?).

On this note, I would ask all parents to please utilise REALM to its full capacity and check your son/s assessment results and feedback, and compare these with the targets that he set at the start of the term. Students should be able to provide the reasons why they are/are not on track for the targets they set AND plan for how they will keep themselves on track/get back on track for the term ahead.

All parents will receive communication in the first week of Term 2 regarding Parent Teacher Interviews, which will be held 7 May, 10:00am – 8:30pm. Booking access commences on Friday 26 April at 4:00pm. Please see the imminent communication for further details.These meetings are the ideal time to discuss with your son/s’ teachers his progress towards his goals.

I would strongly encourage all Year 11 and 12 parents to utilise the Parent Techer Interviews to meet with your son’s Academic Mentor.

Ms Elizabeth Gaber – Dean of Administration and Business Intelligence