Don't forget that Thursday April 2 will be S2G Day! Information sheets and sponsorship cards have gone home with students and a number of students have already started to return donations and cards. We ask all students to attempt to raise $30, with incentive rewards given to anyone who raises over $50. Students who raise $150 are treated with a day at Wet 'n' Wild in Term 2.

As the graph above shows - so far O'Rourke House have banked the most funds but Ryan 1 are currently our leading Tutor Group fundraisers

Previously the College held a number of fundraising activities throughout the year in addition to S2G. However, this year our sole fundraising effort will be S2G, with students challenged to work as hard they can to raise funds for the House charity at this one time. Half of the money raised also goes directly to student facilities, such as the House shade tents which are about to be unveiled.

This week I spoke on assembly about just some of the ways these funds can help our school community and the even wider community we are part of. Please peruse the attached slides from this presentation if you are interested in learning more - S2G Fundraising Presentation»

In 2014 we raised an incredible $55 000 and we were therefore able to provide some solid support for our various House charities. This year our men have their target set at $60 000.

S2G is always a great way to finish the term - if you are free on the day we would love for you to join us.

Please return all donations and cards to the Main Office ASAP.

Ms Zoe Morgan - Assistant Principal - Strategic Operations