A warm welcome back to everyone in our St Patrick’s community. The past week has been a busy and exciting one and it has been wonderful to have the energy of the student body back with us.

I have had many conversations with students who have all said how excited they were to arrive (or join) and get back into their learning. I hope this positive outlook continues!

Over the holidays I spend some time analysing our senior results. Mrs Jackie Upton, Marketing and Communications Manager, shared a summary of this via our social media several weeks ago.

We were so proud of our seniors from 2018 and their achievements which included:


We had over 170 qualifications (Certificate I through to IV) awarded to some of our men and as at 1 February 2019 we had 119 out of 123 students who applied for tertiary study be accepted into a course.

These are excellent results and we look forward to finishing the current QCE system of the OP score with outstanding results once more.

In order to achieve great results, regardless of year level, we need to ensure our young men are persistent, display effort and have a positive attitude.One way this can be demonstrated is through their approach to our mentoring program. Our Year 11 and 12 students will be meeting with their academic mentor over the next few weeks.A significant part of this process involves setting targets; I will speak more to this at the respective Parent Information Evenings.

Prior to the commencement of the academic year, I analysed our current Year 12 student data from 2018 and have identified some boys that I believe are not performing to their potential.These boys and their parents will be contacted by a member of the College Leadership Team inviting them to attend a meeting to discuss how we might best support them to reach their potential in their final year of schooling.

Ms Elizabeth Gaber – Dean of Administration and Business Intelligence