Welcome back to life at St Patrick’s for 2019!

The quote above is from Pope Francis’ homily at the World Youth Day Mass in Panama City. A gathering of over 700,000 young people with the leadership of the world wide Catholic community.

I think His Holiness is making a really profound statement to us all:

  • ‘Realise the dream that the Lord has dreamed for you’ – don’t dream small dreams for yourself rather dream big dreams about the kind of person you want to be, because God’s dream for you is big. Dream about being a person of justice of generosity, of compassion, of love.
  • ‘Find your elders’ – you don’t have to make this dream work on your own, use the people that are with you, like your big brothers, teachers, parents to help you become the person you want to be.
  • ‘The Now of God’ – make it happen now…start being the person you want to be today. Don’t think of change as being off in the future. Change is part of all of our lives.

2019 is a year of great challenge for us all if we take up God’s call to each one of us to be involved and “realise the dream that the Lord has dreamed for you”.

Please get involved –

  • Emergency Food Packs for Sandbag – St Patrick’s has been collecting food items that can be put together into emergency Food Packs to support families in need in our local community. Please contribute items to the collection via your son’s House.
  • Paddy’s Van Ministry will be starting over the next week, get involved. Contact Mr McGoldrick to look at ways you can become involved in the Paddy’s Van and its work.
  • Recycling – talk with your son about the importance of recycling and re-think the kind of packaging that you use for food, etc.
  • All members of the College community are welcome to join in our Inaugural Mass and Induction of Senior Leaders on Friday 8 February 8:45am.
  • Wednesday morning 8:00-8:30am, Mass is celebrated in the College Chapel. This is a great opportunity for a little quiet in your busy week.

Mr Tim Kenny – Dean of Identity