At the beginning of this year, we launched our new REALM learning management system. This has allowed parents to be able to see their son’s results and teacher comments on their son’s assignment drafts and final copies as they are marked rather than wait until Parent/Teacher interviews. This move to “live” reporting has meant that we have been able to simplify our end of semester reports so that students and parents are given an academic summary of each young man’s results together with a Tutor Group comment. This was done as a result of reviewing our past reporting processes including seeking feedback from the parent body through a discussion paper and parent survey.

It gives me great satisfaction to now launch a further stage in our reporting processes. As well as the current information given at the end of each semester, we will now also include a student analytics tool as well. This will be available on REALM and will allow parents and students to look at their results with more detailed data about their position within the student cohort and track their results in each subject from their first year at the College. This can also be tracked against the average result for the subjects over this time as well. This analytics tool has been available to our staff for the last two years and we are very pleased that it is now available to students and parents. Please read Ms Elizabeth Gaber article in today’s Calling as it has a more detailed explanation of what you will find and how to get into the program. Mrs Jackie Upton has also forwarded details about how to get into the new program and what you will be able to see. It will provide a great opportunity to have more “in-depth” discussions with your son regarding his latest reports.

During this morning, I looked over this year’s College Annual. Once again, Jackie Upton has done a great job in producing the magazine. I am sure that everyone will enjoy reading it. It will be distributed to our students before they leave for their holidays. I would like to congratulate Jackie on an excellent job.

At our morning Mass on Wednesday, Fr Bryon Roe blessed all our staff and students going on the Indian immersion this year. Luke Royes, Janet Garside and Adam McPhee will be accompanying seven young men to different parts of India. This year, we have added some time to be spent at our “twin” schools in Asansol. The Principals of St Patrick’s College and St Vincent’s College (Ravi Victor and Nigel D’Souza) spent some time within our community in the latter weeks of last term. It is hope that this will become a regular part of our immersion experience and further cement our ties to these schools.

Thank you to all parents who were able to provide feedback to our draft Strategic Plan. The contents have now been finalised and over the coming weeks, we will plan the layout of the document. It is our intention to make the document available to parents in electronic format.

Our Year 11 students commence their block exams today. I will not need to wish them luck as, I am sure, that they will be well-prepared for their assessments.

Over the past weeks, I have received many communications from parents requesting that their sons be able to leave school earlier than our final school day. I appreciate that there are family circumstances that will mean that on some occasions that our young men will need to finish. We always try and place the student assessments in the last week of school so that we have maximum time for teaching and learning. I urge all parents to give careful consideration to allowing their son to finish school early unless it is an important family event. Unfortunately, we cannot give the students any exams earlier than scheduled and this may mean that they must complete them upon their return to school after their holiday. This year, the House Dean team have worked very hard in working with students and families to reduce the amount of absenteeism. We will continue to do this throughout next year as well. There appears to be a trend in the senior years. This is quite concerning given the expectations and requirements in that phase of learning.

Over the past weeks, we have been interviewing for new staff to cover for leave requirements, staff resignations and new positions. We are still in the process of finalising these appointments and I will give this information to the community in my end of year letter.

Live Jesus in our Hearts!

Mr Chris Mayes – College Principal