It is important to us at St Patrick’s College Shorncliffe to be data informed and data literate when it comes to our students’ performance and growth.Our teachers regularly access analytics using our analytics program, the BI Tool and through our School Management System, TASS.This year we introduced the sharing of student targets with parents at the start of each semester.

We are excited to be able to extend the use of data to our parents at the release of End of Semester 2 Reports. As you know, these are accessed via the Parent Lounge (from REALM).

In addition to the academic transcript, you will now be able to view graphical representations of your son(s)’ progress.

To access this data:

  • Select Student Details for each of your sons:


  • Select Academic Analytics from the dropdown menu


You will have access to three types of data:

  • Academic Analytic Dashboard
  • Academic Comparative Analysis (Box and Whisker Plots)
  • Academic Longitudinal Analysis (Line Graphs)

Academic Analytic Dashboard

An example is shown below. This table will display your son’s current grade and the grade he received for that particular subject in the previous reporting period (if he was enrolled in it)

An arrow indicating ‘trend’ will be shown:


Academic Comparative Analysis (Box and Whisker Plots)

A box and whisker plot is a method for displaying the distribution of results within a cohort. The diagram is always to scale. These graphs are interactive, so you can ‘hover’ over a particular graph and the following information will be displayed:


In addition to the information regarding the distribution, you will be able to identify your son as the dot on the graph (example below):


In the examples above, you can see that this boy was the top student in English and in the top 25% for Business Accounting Practices. You can see that the spread of students is larger in Business Accounting Practices than English (distance between top student and bottom student) but the middle 50% is roughly the same size (the size of the box). The horizontal line through the middle of each box represents the median (middle student); you can see the median was higher in Business Accounting Practices than English.

Academic Longitudinal Analysis (Line Graphs)

A line graph will represent your son’s progress in a subject over the course of the time he has studied it, so you can visualise how he has trended from one reporting period to the next.

This graph is also interactive. You can select:

In the example below, I have chosen to analyse a student’s English result (from the dropdown menu) and compare it to the running average (by selecting ‘average’):



Ms Elizabeth Gaber - Dean of Administration and Business Intelligence