This week Year 11 students took part in their Leadership Retreat over two days.It was inspiring to watch these young men begin their leadership journey as seniors with such enthusiasm. The opportunity to come together on retreat are moments which enrich and renew the identity of our College, and enable staff and students to develop those right relationships which are the basis of our community. It is an exciting time for these young men in recognition that they will begin to take on such an important role within the school. Certainly, there is a level of anxiety amongst them, in the responsibilities they see in front of them, but sure signs that they are taking this role seriously. Their hopes and aspirations are a unifying spirit. As a Catholic School in the Edmund Rice tradition, we are committed to leading for liberation; we are called to build relationships of respect with all people.These three days of leadership formation are crucial for our future leaders in understanding what their leadership will look like - to serve with humility, and with respect for one another. The cohort should be commended for their presence whilst on retreat, and in the reverence they paid to the retreat experience.

Wednesday Mass – Fr Liam Chapel

Over the coming weeks there will be many “last time” experiences for our Year 12 students. One of these experiences will hopefully be a visit to the Fr Liam Chapel for Mass, one last time as students. Over the coming three weeks before exam block, students from each of the houses are encouraged to attend. The following dates are set aside for each house, however students may attend at any time, as are all members of the St Patrick’s community to do so. Mass begins with Fr Bryan Roe at 8:00am.


Mr Luke Royes – Acting Dean of Identity