Online diagnostics galore

Last week, students in Years 5 - 10 completed approximately 3000 online assessments over three days across a range of domains, as part of our annual ACER online testing. Students completed online assessments in Mathematics, Reading Comprehensions, and General Ability. It is a significant investment of time and energy from teachers, IT and support staff, and students alike. However, we are sure that this is repaid back to us multiple times through the valuable information that informs our teaching, curriculum, and program design at the College. The students are to be commended for their preparedness each day, and more importantly the way that they engaged with the assessments through their effort and application.

This week, we also began preparations for our transition to NAPLAN online in 2019. Students in Years 5, 6, 7A, 7B and 8 were involved in our School Readiness Test, to determine our capacity to implement the tests online next year. The students were excellent; however, we did experience more issues with the software than we had anticipated, largely due to an impeccably (or not) timed software change from the testing authority. Students were very patient whilst we dealt with laptops that refused to cooperate on the first day. The second day ran much more smoothly. At all times, the teachers trained as Test Administrators reacted diligently and calmly and we take much confidence in this moving forward. We certainly applied a growth mindset as we reviewed the issues that arose, and I am confident we will see a smooth and seamless operation next year.

Opportunities for better employability for Year 12 students

As we near the end of the journey for our Year 12 students, we increasingly focus on ensuring that they are linking into appropriate pathways and activities after school. One aspect of this, is finding suitable paid employment. For all students, holding an RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) accreditation, or having skills in the art of coffee-making (Barista), could be useful in gaining a range of employment opportunities, including work that complements full time study. Mr Chris Herrod has organised an opportunity for Year 12 students to gain an accreditation for RSA, as well as skills in Barista Basics, over 13 and 14 November. Further details including cost, location and how to RSVP, will be sent to parents of Year 12 students by early next week.

Mr Troy Schultz – Dean of Teaching and Learning