As Term 3 comes to an end it allows us time as a Pastoral team to reflect and plan our way forward. Looking back over the term I am very proud of the men of St Patrick’s and the way they have continued to build a positive environment around this great College. A personal highlight for Term 3 has been the increased involvement that I have had with the Year 11 cohort due to the ‘Year 11 Dinner Dance’ and ‘Year 11 Leadership Elections’.They are a wonderful group of young men and I am certainly looking forward to working with them on the rest of their journey at St Patrick’s College.

Congratulations to the elected leaders for 2019 who are listed below:

College Captain - Oscar O’Brien

College Vice Captains - Ben Evans and Morgan Prendergast


Last week also marked the final weekend of sport for 2018. To all the students who made the effort to support their fellow St Patrick’s men standing tall as members of the Paddy’s Battalion, thank you. The Paddy’s Battalion numbers continued to increase across the entire year and truly became a sight to behold.

Mr Darren Kearney – Dean of Students