This week out Year 12 students completed their QCS exams, they certainly have been working hard throughout the year and witnessed good steady improvement across the four types of papers. It is a short break with assessment beginning next week for Year 12 students. All students should be working hard over the next few weeks as they begin and complete assessment. Good luck to all.


The cashless operation of the College has been very successful and both students and parent have embraced the change. Please be advised that from the beginning of Term 4 Student will no longer be able to load cash onto their Student cards at the College. This must only be completed online.


It is also timely that I remind all families regarding traffic movement around the College. The College is a busy place with large volumes of traffic occurring around the College during drop off and pick up. The safety of all students is paramount, if we can follow a few simple rules:

  • No double parking
  • No dropping off and picking up in driveways or bus zones (Pier Avenue and Yundah Street)
  • Use the two-minute pick up and drop off area on Park Parade
  • No access to Twamley street to drop off students
  • 40 km speed limit

Several parents have been booked by the Queensland Police and BCC parking and traffic officers over the past few weeks.


On occasion when it is necessary for staff to communicate to parents for a variety of reason it is often impeded by disconnected phone numbers or outdated information.I would request that you please check that all address and parent contact details are correct. This can be completed firstly through Parent Lounge.

Finally a reminder that at the end of the term all classes will conclude at 3:00pm.

Mr Frank Torrisi – Deputy Principal