Year 11 and 12 Exam Block

Students in Year 11 and 12 are getting close to their end of term exam block and should be well into their intensive revision processes. A reminder that all students should have their exam preparations mapped out in their student diary, as well as the exam times. I would encourage students in these year levels to use the exam block effectively for revision and study, and not for casual work and social events. A good habit is to come to school in uniform, for most of the day when there is an exam on, and use the library space for quiet supervised study or peer group study.

A reminder to Year 11 and 12 students who are eligible for extra time, please arrive at your exam venue at 8:30am for the morning session and 11:30am for the afternoon session, to access your extra time arrangements. Students without extra time will start their exams by 9:00am and 12:00noon for the morning and afternoon session respectively.

QCS Completed!

129 of our Year 12 students completed the Queensland Core Skills test over Tuesday and Wednesday last week. Their effort and focus was exceptional for the duration of the four tests. By no means are the tests anything apart from challenging, and after the group left the first day feeling positive and that it was a fairly easy day, I knew that Day 2 would be challenging. It certainly was however my observation was that the group couldn’t have done anything else as their diligence and conduct over the two days, especially during the tough second day, and for the vast majority of the long preparation program, was excellent. There is nothing else to do now in terms of the QCS test other than wait for results in December. In terms of finishing well, there is still much assessment and learning to occur as we work towards graduation in November. Can I quash any rumours that Term 4 does not contribute towards their result – rather in many cases Term 4 can be critical in placing students on a level of achievement for their senior statement.

Year 11 students will start their QCS preparation (the last ever group that will complete the test) during Term 4.

Mr Troy Schultz – Dean of Teaching and Learning