On Tuesday and Wednesday next week, our Year 12 QCS students reach another significant milestone in their journey towards their graduation and life beyond the walls of the College. The QCS tests will run over two days on 4 and 5 September, after a long and successful preparation program which started in Term 4 last year.

During the preparation program, students participate in a variety of workshops at a cohort level or in classes. The program is run by a specific team of QCS teachers in Chris Mayes, Chelsea Parakas, David Crewe, Ben Greenfield, Dennis Clough, Elizabeth Gaber and recently Liz Skinner. However, it is the combined efforts both Year 12 subject teachers, and the teachers that students have had since they started at the College, that contributes to their ability to go into the test with the confidence to do well. The program is enhanced significantly by the work of Mr David Crewe who provides expert data analysis on both student and cohort performance as well as identify areas of strength and weakness. There have been many workshops and sessions run that are informed directly by the practice testing results of the group and this has ensured consistent and continual improvement over the program. Our most recent analysis indicates that the boys can be extremely confident going into the tests, and that they are well positioned to achieve positive results. I wish them well.

Students sitting the test are expected to be at school by 7:30am both days. If there are parents that are able to help with the before school breakfast, please contact Mrs Samantha Churchill at .

Students not sitting the test are expected to attend school as per normal (unless they are on work placement) and are invited to share breakfast with their peers. Mr Chris Herrod and Mr Doug Locke have organised an excellent program for the two days around their transition into the work force and will be meeting with each student to identify what plans they have for getting themselves into work or training. Each student needs to bring an editable copy of their resume as this will be a valuable opportunity to gets some expert advice.

Exam preparation

It’s time to remember one of my golden rules – students need to start exam preparation, the “grade” amount of days out from each exam. That means many students should be thinking about their intensive revision processes now. For example, a Year 9 student whose Maths exam is on the 14 September should start their revision for that exam on 5 September. This involves diligently practicing problems relevant to the assessment, each day, so that all the necessary knowledge and skill have been covered by the exam. I know that there are some students with effective study habits, but there are many with much work to do. If we are consistent with our expectations and work together in partnership over time, I am sure we will see students enjoy success with their learning. Good luck!

Mr Troy Schultz – Dean of Teaching and Learning