This weekend is a big weekend for fathers and grandfathers and those who may even be great grandfathers. I came across this article this week and have decided to share it with you. All of us as adults have an important role to play, however the role of a parent is crucial in the formation of our children. Too often we may say:

  • I don’t have time
  • Maybe next time
  • I’m busy at work
  • I am tired

It is important to realise our children will quickly grow up and have developed as adults before we know it. We have them for a small amount of time and it is important to take and use the time productively and not make those excuses.

What Good Fathers Do

There are all the usual things that fathers do, such as working hard, providing for and protecting the family.

But I also think good fathers …

  • Do things with their children, are present, and are interested
  • Don’t hold back in showing love to their children
  • Try to set a good example for how good men behave
  • Apologise for their own imperfect behaviour, when needed
  • Set an example with their partner of how good relationships work
  • Are playful and silly
  • Provide a balance of love and limits
  • Are physical with their children – showing affection, play wrestles, giving piggybacks and tickles to their younger children, playing sport together
  • And, yes, they need to be embarrassing as well

I think there is a wide diversity of what makes good fathers. You may have a few things to add to this list. And there are certainly no perfect dads. If you missed out on having a good father, then perhaps you should find one or, if you are a dad, model yourself on one. (ReferePositive People Solution)

Happy Fathers’ Day

College Parking or Student Pick up or Drop off

The historical problems, in particular with the volume of traffic around the College during drop off and pick up has caused a number of issues over the past weeks. There have been a number of complaints from residents and parents using the Bus Zone as drop off areas. Parking inspectors and the Queensland Police have been present around the College enforcing designated No Parking areas. These areas are for the safety of the students of the College, please follow a few simple rules:

  • No double parking
  • No dropping off and picking up in driveways or bus zones
  • Use the two minute areas on Park Avenue and Yundah Street

Mr Frank Torrisi – Deputy Principal