A few weeks ago, I attended the annual EREA Deputy Principal Conference in Brisbane. It is a once a year gathering of all the EREA Colleges, Flexi Schools and the associated EREA Colleges coming together to reaffirm the commitment in providing an Authentic Education to the youth of Australia grounded by the four touchstones of Liberating Education, Inclusive Community, Justice and Solidarity and Gospel Spirituality. The focus of the conference was to showcase the education initiatives occurring in our colleges. St Patrick’s showcased the excellent work that is occurring in the use of data to inform our practices. I would like to publicly thank Ms Gaber, Mr McPhee, Mrs Campbell and Mr Crewe who presented workshops to several Deputy Principal’s from across Australia. St Patrick’s College continues to build their reputation as a leader in this area.


During Term 4 last year the College introduced a cashless system at our College Tuckshop. The cashless system has operated for nearly 12 months and has been a huge success. However, there are still a large number of students needing to load cash onto their cards at the College. In addition, there are students who ae arriving at the College with large sums of cash. As of week 8 of this term, the front office will not accept cash from students. The College will also remove the top up machine in the Curriculum Office at the end of Term 3 to reduce the cash that is being brought to the College and held at the College. If you are having problems with using College Coin, please do not hesitate to contact the IT Support Desk.


The College takes its child protection responsibilities seriously. Please contact the College’s Student Protection Officers if you are concerned about the behaviour of anyone, which is causing you or your son concern. Our Student Protection Officers are Mr Frank Torrisi (Deputy Principal), Mr Darren Kearney (Dean of Students), Mrs Janet Garside (House Dean Ryan House) and Mr John Zappala and Mrs Amira (College Counsellors). Contacts are below. It is their responsibility to receive reports from students, parents and/or staff of any child protection matters. This includes reports of abuse, or likely abuse, harm or likely harm.

  • Mr Frank Torrisi - Ph 3631 9084 or
  • Mr Darren Kearney - Ph 3631 9075 or
  • Mrs Janet Garside - Ph 3631 9056 or
  • Mrr John Zappala - Ph 3631 9000 or
  • Mrs Amira Bosnjak - Ph 3631 9000 or


A reminder that it is coming into magpie swooping season. Please take care around Park Parade where magpies are nesting.

Mr Frank Torrisi – Deputy Principal