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Subject Selection Information

As students approach the senior phase of schooling, it becomes necessary to slowly refine the course of study that they undertake. This process happens gradually, starting in Year 8 for students who make selections about the elective subjects that they will study in Year 9, and finishing with students in Year 10 choosing their senior pathways subjects for Years 11 and 12. Over the next few weeks, these subject selection processes will occur for our students in Year 8, 9 and 10.

Our goal is that students, parents and teachers are working in partnership so that these choices are informed and appropriate.

When we discuss subject choices with students, we should be focussing our discussions around three main questions:

  • What subjects do I enjoy? The subjects that students look forward to attending, are subjects that students enjoy.
  • What subjects am I good at? Students are good at subjects when they find that with effort and application, learning and success comes to them.
  • What subjects will help me with further study, training, or work? The subjects that are useful for study at university or TAFE, or that link to jobs or traineeships of interest.

For younger students, sometimes it is difficult to know the answers to the third question. If this is the case, the answers to question 1 and 2 will guide your decisions around subject choices.

Importantly, students should be confident as they choose their subjects. This confidence comes from actively discussions between student and parents, parent and teachers and students and teacher. As a parent or student, if you are unsure, please reach out to someone at the College for advice. House Deans, Heads of Curriculum, the Leadership Team, and class teachers are all willing to help or point you in the right direction to a staff member that can answer your questions.

Please note the following events regarding subject selections:

Year 9 (2019) – Current Year 8’s

Subject Selection meeting – students only: Period 6 - Friday,10 August CBB

Subject Selection evening – parents and students: 6:00pm Thursday, 16 August CBB

Year 10 (2019) – Current Year 9’s

Subject Selection meeting – students only: Period 1 & 2 - Thursday, 9 August CBB

Subject Selection evening – parents and students: 6:00pm Thursday, 9 August CBB

Year 11 (2019) – Current Year 10’s

Subject Selection meeting – students only: Period 7 - Friday, 10 August CBB

Subject Selection evening – parents and students: 6:00pm Monday, 13 August CBB

Mr Troy Schultz - Dean of Teaching and Learning