Intensive Revision

The term is not slowing down as we approach the exam-heavy conclusion of Semester 1. I recently spoke to the student body around the importance of intensive revision. This type of home practice involves diligent review of the content that will be assessed in subject examinations. I showed the students an example of student diaries where this intensive revision process had been mapped out.

For parents – I give you permission to use one of my golden rules.

RULE: What grade are you in? You need to start your intensive revision this many days out from an upcoming exam.

So a student in Year 8, should start their revision for an exam eight days out. This requires some planning, as exam times are staggered over several days and hence start times for revision are also. If students have their exams written in their diary, then they can allocate time periods for study each night back from there, for the days required for their grade level.

I will continue to push these messages to students and hope that parents can use them as well. Consistent messages will help us to work effectively in partnership.

Mr Troy Schultz – Dean of Teaching and Learning