Our Year 10 Cohort moving into a new system of Senior Schooling

We are well aware that our current Year 10 cohort are paving the way into the new system of Senior Schooling. We are challenged to prepare them in a timely manner for the system that has significant external examination requirements. This means we need to set expectations in Year 10, that are reflective of senior schooling. The tension is that we need to do this whilst ensuring we have sufficient support for their wellbeing whilst we raise expectations around the way we want to see them study and learn.

I have spoken with some students and parents regarding progress in Year 10. In many cases students are not achieving the results that they would like to see. In these cases, I think we need to reflect on whether the “raising of the bar” has been matched with an increase in the level of work and practice that is occurring. Learning does not occur by turning up and being present. It is an active process, and for students to be able to reproduce and replicate the knowledge and skill they have engaged with in class, they need to practice and study at home. For students in Year 10, this involves 60-90 minutes every night, all term. This 60-90 minutes occurs free of distraction, in a supervised space and with focus.

At this time, the Year 10 cohort are also looking ahead to their subject selection process for Year 11 within their Senior Pathways lesson each week. This involves attending sessions run by Heads of Curriculum and members of the CLT. They are also attending their BIA feedback sessions. We expect that students will discuss their BIA feedback with parents. As we discuss subject selection, our underlying principles are that students look to select subjects:

  • That they enjoy;
  • That they are good at;
  • That link to further study, training, or work.

The subject selection sessions will run into next term and culminate in the SET planning process in mid Term 3.

As a College, we are committed to working in partnership. If you think that your son is struggling with the demands of Year 10, then I encourage you to contact myself or someone with whom your son has a strong connection to at the College. We are more than happy to support you as we move forward.

Mr Troy Schultz – Acting Dean of Teaching and Learning