Applications for special provisions for the 2018 QCS Test are now open. If your son has a medical condition, impairment or other circumstance that will make it difficult for him to sit the test on the same basis as other students, he may be able to apply for special provision.

How do I know if my son is eligible?

You should apply for special provision if he has:

  • A diagnosed medical condition or an impairment
  • Exceptional circumstances that prevent him from sitting the test

What help is available?

Before the test:

  • Special arrangements are adjustments to test conditions such as rest breaks, enlarged test papers, use of a computer and use of your medical equipment.
  • Exemption allows you to be absent from the test but remain eligible for an Overall Position (OP) and Field Positions (FP).

After the test:

  • Exemption allows you to remain OP/FP eligible if you were unavoidably absent from the test.
  • Declaring your test result null and void allows you to choose not to receive a test grade if your performance in the test was affected by an unavoidable circumstance such as an illness. You will remain eligible for OP/FPs.

If your son is currently receiving special provisions from the College regarding assessment because of special conditions outlined in the QCS Handbook, your son will be entitled to apply for special provision for the QCS Test. If there is additional documentation related to cognitive, physical or sensory impairment to support the application, with the College currently does not have, this documentation should be supplied to Mr Troy Schultz.

Application close 21 May for long-term illnesses or impairments such as diabetes, colour blindness or arthritis. Closing dates vary for short term illnesses, recently diagnosed conditions or exceptional circumstances.

For further information you can visit the website QCAA QCS Special Provision