Welcome back to everyone after what was hopefully a relaxing, fun filled break with family and friends. I’m sure many of our community were able to enjoy the Commonwealth Games either in person or from the comfort of their own loungerooms. Events such as these are always an opportunity to applaud and admire the achievements of people who have committed to a passion and a goal. Usain Bolt famously once said “The work is behind the scenes, competition is the easy part”. For our young men, if the hard work has happened throughout the term, then the assessment they undertook at the end of the term was the easy part.

This week teachers will discuss with students results from last term; what students do with this feedback is critical to their success moving forward. I would ask all parents to please utilise Realm to its full capacity and check your son/s assessment results and feedback and compare these with the targets that he set at the start of the term. Students should be able to provide the reasons why they are/are not on track for the targets they set AND plan for how they will keep themselves on track/get back on track for the term ahead.

All parents received communication earlier this week regarding Parent Teacher Interviews, which will be held 1 May, 10:00am – 8:30pm. Booking access commences on Friday 20 April at 9:00am. Please see the communication for further details. These meetings are the ideal time to discuss with your son/s’ teachers his progress towards his goals.

I would strongly encourage all Year 11 and 12 parents to utilise the Parent Techer Interviews to meet with your son’s Academic Mentor.

Ms Elizabeth Gaber – Dean of Administration and Business Intelligence