This week’s instalment of the data collated via the Tutor Group Mentoring and Senior Mentoring programs centres around our students’ use of social media, gaming and the internet and their sleep patterns. Below you can see the difference between the sleep patterns during the week versus the weekend, keeping in mind the measurement error that can occur in surveys (for example, the 3 to 4 hour sleep bracket data are most likely not reliable). It would seem that many of our boys are not getting enough sleep during the week and are attempting to make up for it on the weekend:



Below is the summary for the time our boys are spending on social media, gaming and the internet.



It is visually apparent that this time increases on the weekend with approximately one third of our student body spending over 7 hours in front of a screen on the weekend. We also have a considerable number of students spending over 3 hours per night on gaming, social media and the internet on a school night. Some of these boys have also acknowledged that one of the greatest obstacles standing in the way of them achieving their goals is the time they spend gaming. It would be difficult to disagree with them as the time they are spending gaming is impacting negatively in two ways; one by taking up time that could be spent perfecting an assignment or preparing for an exam and two, by impacting on the amount of sleep they should be getting to ensure they are prepared for the day ahead.

Ms Elizabeth Gaber – Dean of Administration and Business Intelligence