The end of term is fast approaching, it is important that all boys remain focused until the end. All students should be committing themselves to their studies, with revision occurring on a nightly basis.

Students should be well aware of their Exam Schedule and have a plan in place that will allow them to achieve the best results possible. It is a very good time to reduce the amount of social outings, time spent on social media, hours of work and the amount of physical training that the young men are involved in. All students should be eating well and have between 8-9 hours of sleep per night.

This week we celebrated St Patrick’s Day with a whole school Mass. At the conclusion all boys witnessed the Great Morven Race. 150 boys participated in a flying dash around the school property and past the historic Morven House in the centre of the College grounds.


The College has invested a considerable amount of time and money introducing digital signage throughout the College. As a result, a number of communication screens have been placed around the School. These monitors display vital information regarding upcoming events, notices, room changes, meetings and also showcase our students as “Men of Action”. One important aspect of these monitors is to inform students who have messages waiting for them in the Student Office. These are updated regularly. We have reduced the number of announcement throughout the day over the past couple of years. In reducing the background noise this promotes a calm environment not only for our students but our neighbours. As a result, students will not be called to the Student Office via the PA throughout the day.

If students need to leave school early for appointments, I ask all parents to follow some simple procedures:

  • Inform the student of the appointment, time, etc.
  • Write a note in your son’s diary so that he can present it to his Group Tutor and House Dean in the morning. This note needs to be presented to his class teacher and Student Office when he needs to leave the class or school and to sign out.
  • We understand emergencies do happen from time to time and will deal with them.

I ask that parents are respectful of this process and not vent at our wonderful office staff who are doing their job and following College protocols. If there are any concerns, please do not hesitate to call me on 3631 9084 or email me on


The College takes its child protection responsibilities seriously. Please contact the College’s Student Protection Officers if you are concerned about the behaviour of anyone, who maybe causing you or your son concern. Our Student Protection Officers are Mr Chris Mayes (College Principal), Mr Frank Torrisi (Deputy Principal), Mr Darren Kearney (Dean of Students), Mrs Janet Garside (House Dean Ryan House) and Mr John Zappala and Mrs Amira (College Counsellors). Contacts are below. It is their responsibility to receive reports from students, parents and/or staff of any child protection matters. This includes reports of abuse, or likely abuse, harm or likely harm.

  • Mr Chris Mayes Ph36319000 or
  • Mr Frank Torrisi: Ph 36319084 or
  • Mr Darren Kearney Ph 36319075 or
  • Mrs Janet Garside Ph 36319056 or
  • Mr John Zappala Ph 36319000 or
  • Mrs Amira Bosnjak Ph 36319000 or


The Shore 2 Gate Walkathon will be held on the last day of this term - 29 March. The day will involve a 10km walk/run, and House BBQs to finish the term. It is designed for students and staff to relax and enjoy a day together as well as raising some money for the College. Every student was been given a sponsor card a few weeks ago for Shore 2 Gate. We are asking every student to raise a minimum of $40. Last year the community raised over $50,000 and a similar strong effort by all will benefit the students greatly. We have also modified the way in which parents can deposit the money collected. Parents can direct deposit using the link below or hand the money directly into the Main office. Our preferred method is direct deposit. However, all Students Shore 2 Gate cards must be returned on Thursday, 29 March.


Mr Frank Torrisi – Deputy Principal