We are called to be and to form young people to be the loving, compassionate, and inclusive face of God in our world.” Dr Wayne Tinsey, EREA Executive Director

Sometimes in schools our calendars become so full we can occasionally feel like we have just dumped more and more things into them almost at random. For Catholic schools this should never be the case because everything that happens here should reflect the presence of God at the heart of all that we do. The words from Dr Wayne Tinsey quoted above are a reminder that the education and formation that we offer to our young men and our whole College community is about helping us to be the face of our loving God in every aspect of our lives.

On 8 March we mark International Women’s Day, a time to remind our young men of the significance of women in our world. A time to challenge behaviours and attitudes that do not show respect and enhance the dignity of people. This year the slogan #PushforProgress reminds us that women in our world don’t always get the respect they deserve. IWD reminds us that in spite of more than a hundred years of political activism there is still a way to go before equality could be said to exist both here in Australia and around the world. There is a call to all of us to be people of action who are ready to transform our world.

The Season of Lent is a call to us to get our house in order so that we can experience the new life offered to us in the Resurrection of Jesus at Easter. The call of Lent asks us to remember our dependence on God and yet to do our part to make the Gospel alive, in our lives, by prayer and working for justice – St Ignatius of Loyola (a favourite saint for Edmund Rice) phrased it as – “Pray as if everything depends on God and work as if everything depends on you.”

Coming up in Identity –

  • Friday 16 March 8:45am the College will celebrate the Feast Day of St Patrick with a Mass in the Christian Brothers Building, all are welcome.
  • 12-16 March is our College Indigenous Cultural Celebration Week. Throughout the week there will be a number of different activities happening to highlight the significance of Indigenous cultures in Australia both past, present and future.
  • Every week one tutor group in each House will be asked to contribute non-perishable food items to make up emergency food packs which will be donated to Sandbag Community Centre to help people in our local community in need. Please help out when your Tutor Group is asked to contribute.

Mr Tim Kenny – Dean of Identity