The Gospel readings throughout lent places Jesus in several different environments including deserts, mountain tops, temples and places with people. Each of the readings are meant to take us beyond the story and reflect upon our own true relationship with Jesus. The reading from the first week of Lent was about Jesus in the desert and the time he spends alone in deep contemplation and resistance to temptations that caused personal tensions. This week’s reading, from Mark, was about Jesus taking Peter, James and John with him to a mountain top. Once on the mountain, a cloud overshadowed them and a voice from the cloud said: “This is my Son, the Beloved; listen to him!” If we move away from the literal, there is a very clear message that it is our relationship with Jesus that gives us hope and contentment. The purpose of the visit to the mountain top was for Peter, James and John to hear the message from God and spread it to all. Each week during lent, the Gospel readings will challenge each of us to contemplate our own relationship with Jesus and reflect upon the importance that we place on it and to think how we might be able to enhance our own lives if we gave this relationship more priority. Our faith tells us that a strong relationship with Jesus allows us “to live life to the full” and find real happiness and contentment.

Tuesday’s College Assembly was a real celebration of the diversity within our College community. We started with Acknowledgement of Country and the placement of the College message stick. Mr Kenny gave us some more history and detail of our indigenous past. Students from ERA for Change spoke about matters of environmental sustainability particularly with recycling around our own grounds. We also recognised our student representatives in the AIC Swimming and Debating Teams as the AIC Championships for Swimming takes place next Monday and the Debating season starts soon. The students were welcomed into the Assembly with music from one of our College contemporary bands. Congratulations to Miguel Vegara and Jarred Magaw, the Captains of the Swim Team and to Nicholas Easey for his selection as Captain of the Debating Team. During the assembly, Mrs Leigh Wissman also presented certificates to several students in Years 11 and 12 for their participation in a recent short film workshop facilitated by the Noosa Film Academy. During most weeks, our College assemblies are packed with different presentations and celebrations and this consistency has the potential for us to take these special things around our school for granted. We are very blessed to have so many opportunities for students and the expertise of staff to offer them. Most importantly, we have so many students who are willing to get involved in the school and try new opportunities.

Last night, many of our parents attended a meeting regarding membership of the College Board or College Foundation Board. Mr Peter Chapman, EREA Regional Director – North region presented on behalf of EREA to the attendees and Mr Michael Crutcher and Mr Adam Carter spoke on behalf of both the College and Foundation Boards. Positions on these boards are by invitation. If you unable to attend the evening, and are interested in putting your name forward to be considered for membership of either board, please contact Mrs Jan Thompson or Mrs Jackie Upton to get an Expression of Interest Form.

During the past week, we have started interviewing prospective families for enrolment into Year 7, 2020. These interviews will continue over the course of this weekend and into next week and next Saturday. Occasionally, we have parents within our own community who do not get their enrolment done for other sons who they may wish to enter the College. If you have a son currently in Year 5 at another school and have not yet filled out his enrolment application, please contact Mrs Stacey Bishop immediately. Likewise, if you know of any other families who are considering enrolling their sons at our College for Year 7 in 2020, please remind them that their enrolment should be completed by now as we are currently interviewing. We will start our Year 5 interviews, 2020 next term.

During this week, all students received a Shore 2 Gate fundraising card. This is the only fundraising event that we have for the entire student body and the funds that are raised assist us in funding our charitable work and supply student facilities around the College. We have deliberately issued the fundraising cards later than previously, so that we only have a short period of time to collect. We feel that this will be easier for all concerned rather than have the cards and money for longer periods of time. We are asking each young man to collect a minimum of $40 if possible. There are incentives for students who collect larger amounts. Wherever possible, I would please ask parents to assist their son in reaching this minimum amount. Our Shore 2 Gate walk was cancelled last year due to the weather conditions. This year, it will be held, once again, on the last morning of the term. It is always a really pleasant way for the staff and students to finish the term before the Easter break.

This evening, we are hosting Padua College in a swimming carnival at the Centenary Aquatic Centre. This is an annual competition that we always hold against Padua as the last swim meet before the AIC Championships on Monday. On Saturday, our Cricket and Volleyball teams will play against St Edmund’s College, Ipswich. I hope that each young man enjoys his swim or game.

Mr Chris Mayes – College Principal