In recent years, the College has worked with a local firm, Business Improvement Australia (BIA) who have assisted our Year 10 students in their subject selection process for Years 11 and 12. BIA have conducted initial testing with the students, designed to identify individual interests and abilities. Once completed, the results of this testing are used to compile a detailed individual report for each student. This report is then the subject of a 90 minute one on one meeting with a Career Counsellor.

Having worked with BIA for some years, I can testify to their expertise and professionalism. The information provided to students about careers and the implications that this has for subject selection has been of great benefit to our Year 10s.

I have outlined the structure of the program below. Paul and Daniel Chesher from BIA, will introduce the program at an information evening for Year 10 students and parents on Thursday of next week. The evening commences at 6:00pm and takes about an hour. It will be held in the Christian Brothers Building. It is an important program and I am hoping that all Year 10 students and parents will be in attendance.

I have outlined the key dates of the program below.

  1. BIA will participate in a parent and student communication event on the night of Thursday 8 March at St Patrick’s College, commencing at 6:00pm.
  2. BIA will conduct the main assessment session at St Patrick’s on 19 April. This will be: 2 x 2 hr sessions of approx. 100 students in each session.
  3. BIA will conduct an additional assessment session for students who are unable to attend the main assessment session. This will be held at St Patrick’s on Monday 23 April.
  4. BIA will provide 1.5 hrs feedback to each student at St Patrick’s College between 28 May to 1 June and 11 June to 15 June.
  5. BIA has also set aside the period 18 June to 22 June to enable them to provide feedback to any students who were unable to attend during the main feedback period.
  6. BIA will prepare electronic reports for the St Patrick’s College management for analysis, printing and presentation to students in the weeks following.

Mr Chris Campbell - Dean of Teaching and Learning