Congratulations to all award winners at this week’s Academic Assembly. It was wonderful to see so many of our students on stage being recognises for their efforts in 2017. It was particularly nice to see most of our OP 1-5 2017 Seniors return to receive such well deserved recognition. Special thanks to our two guest speakers, College Dux 2017 Max Hornigold and Senior 1991 Michael Crutcher, both of whom gave inspirational talks. Special thanks to Ms Heather Kopp and Mrs Sam Churchill for their organisation of the assembly.

I have had the opportunity over the first two weeks of the year to speak to parents and students at the various year level evenings. One of the points I made at these gatherings was to inform people of the changes to academic policies this year. It is essential that all parents and students access Realm and read the updated assignment submission policy. There are significant changes. Students will no longer submit hard copies. Work will be uploaded electronically into Realm. Rubrics will be marked electronically and displayed on Realm. Please note the new procedure for submission times. Students will no longer submit a hard copy to their teacher during the lesson. All work is to be uploaded by 8:30am on the due date, otherwise it will be considered late. It is important that everyone take time to read the policy thoroughly.

Mr Chris Campbell – Dean of Teaching and Learning