As I write this week’s Calling I can still hear the voices of our St Patrick’s men ringing in my ears. Standing alongside our young men as they sing “The Call” is an experience I hope all parents get to witness. Watching our mums and dads help our College Leaders, their son, into his College blazer then pinning on his leadership badge is also a wonderful sight. The young men of St Patrick’s College demonstrated impeccable behaviour and the upmost respect during the entire Mass and I thank them for this.

Week 3 also provided me with the opportunity to inspect the appearance of all our men as they paraded into the Christian Brothers Building. Can I thank all our families who have addressed their son’s appearance, both uniform and hair.Although we still have some students with the detached hair style the number is diminishing. Our College Pastoral Care team are working tirelessly to ensure that we achieve a consistent level of expectations regarding student appearance throughout the College.

Across the course of Week 2 the men of Year 5 and 7 got to witness their first St Patrick’s Spirit Rally. The effort and organisation by our Year 12’s in relation to both these events was wonderful. I hope your son left on Friday feeling a great sense of pride in his College community.

Week 4 – Men of Action week and the St Patrick’s Swimming Carnival

Every Week 4 the College celebrates Men of Action week. In Term 1 Men of Action week is paired with the launch of our Anti-Bullying Program. This Tuesday during assembly the men of Year 12 will make a presentation to the St Patrick’s College community outlining their expectations around being upstanders. If you are free during this time we would love to see parents and grandparents present to assist our community in sending a clear message that we are Men of Action and at no stage will we tolerate bullying behaviours within our community.


Friday of Week 4 is our first special events day for 2018, the St Patrick’s College Swimming Carnival. As a College we will get the opportunity to watch our best swimmers compete for their House. If your son is going to miss the College Swimming Carnival please ensure that you have contacted his House Dean. For many of our families we understand that the reasons are genuine, however, in a small number of cases the unfortunate truth is that students have been allowed to stay home.To ensure that St Patrick’s College maintains strong connections and a sense of ownership within all members of our student body, it is vital that we follow up any attendance concerns surrounding our special event days. As most of our families are aware we do require a medical certificate or declaration form to be filled out if your son is absent. At most of the parent nights this year I have spoken strongly about the need for teenage boys and their families to establish strong connection with their College. If our young men are not connected to their College, then we risk the development of other more serious outcomes such as continued school refusal. Thank you for your support with this matter.

We remind all our families that the St Patrick’s College Year 9–12 dance is on Saturday 17 February. Please watch REALM for more details.

Mr Darren Kearney - Dean of Students