A warm welcome back to everyone in our St Patrick’s community. It is always lovely to be back in the classroom after spending the first few weeks engaged in data analysis and final touches on the timetable!

I am not one for New Year’s resolutions, but I do always like to have at least one major goal each year, both professionally and personally. It keeps me focused and driven. I also see a new year as a wonderful opportunity for a new start, and of course, new targets for our students.

On Monday 5 February, all our Year 6 to 10 students will participate in their first Tutor Group Mentoring Program for 2018. During this time, they will revise what they had learned previously regarding neuroplasticity (ask your son to explain to you what this means!) and what strategies they can use to grow their brains. This session also provides them with the opportunity to reflect on results last year and set new goals for this year.

Luke McKenna, from Unleashing Personal Potential, utilises the work of Professor Gabrielle Oettingen (University of Hamburg and New York University) in developing a specific method for goal setting. Students have now set their goals using this structure of TOP:

Target: what is my target?

Obstacle: what obstacles might stand in my way?

Plan: how will I plan to overcome these obstacles?

Please ask your son to show you where he has completed his Goal Setting in his Student Diary. These are shared with all classroom teachers so they too are aware of what each student hopes to achieve by the end of the semester.

A reminder to parents of Year 11 and 12 students that your sons should have responded by now to their Academic Mentor to arrange their first meeting for the year. Could I ask that you please have a conversation with your son about his meeting and ask him:

  • to show you his subject goals for the semester
  • what his OP Estimate is (if Year 12 and OP eligible)
  • if he is on track with his Certificate courses (where applicable)
  • how he is going in his QCS lessons so far, this year (Year 12)

Students are required to complete the online surveys (accessible via the link shared in an email from me) after they have their meeting with their Academic Mentor. Please ask your son if they have completed this yet.

Ms Elizabeth Gaber – Dean of Administration and Business Intelligence