The roads around the College are always busy before and after school, but at the start of each term they can be particularly busy. If all parents could co-operate and assist by abiding by the following rules to ensure the safety of our students, whilst respecting our neighbours.

  1. Drop off and pick up zones are
    1. At the front of the College on Park Parade or along Signal Road.
    2. At the back of the College on Yundah Street, please be mindful of the bus zones and do not park in the driveway of the units adjoining the College on Yundah St.
    3. Park Parade and Yundah Streets are two-minute zones only.
    4. These areas are policed and you may be booked.
  2. Please be mindful of all bus zones and do not park in these clearways.
  3. No dropping off and picking up in driveways or bus zones. This includes College driveways and resident driveways.
  4. Do not double park.
  5. Seaview Lane is a no parking zone, it is a designated entry and exit for residents and an exit for the Seaview Building staff car park.
  6. The Seaview Building car park is for staff only.
  7. The Twamley Street entrance to the College is permanently closed.
  8. Students may use the Zeehan Lane for pedestrian access to the College only. This is a quite a narrow laneway. Consequently, it is most important that anyone using this lane be very mindful of cars that might use it as entry to their premises. It is our preference that students avoid this laneway and use other entrances and departures from the College if possible.

Please remember the safety of our students is paramount.