This year, Remembrance Day (11 November) falls on Saturday and therefore we aren’t going to have a special College liturgy. But this anniversary is such an important event that I feel we need to recognise it in whatever way we can.

Saturday, marks the 99th anniversary of the Armistice on the Western Front – the agreement that brought an end to the First World War. At 11:00am on the 11th of November 1918, the guns fell silent. Four years of terrible war had come to an end.

The First World War became known as the ‘Great War’, not because it was ‘good’ but because its scale had never been seen before. It was the costliest conflict in history up to that point. Thirteen million people died, nine million of them were soldiers. Over one-third of all the soldiers killed were never found and have no known graves.

Three hundred and thirty-two thousand Australians fought in the Great War. Sixty thousand died, 45,000 of them on the Western Front in France and Belgium, and 152,000 were wounded. Those grim statistics meant that only one out of every three Australians who went to the war got through it unhurt, at least physically. With a national population, at that time, of only about four million people, almost every family knew some loss.

The First World War was also known as ‘The war to end all wars’. The 99 years since the Armistice bear sad witness to the fact that this wasn’t the case. The intervening years have seen war after war, campaign after campaign, and many more Australian war dead and wounded.

Remembrance Day is about holding in our hearts the memory of the men and women who have given their lives in defence of our freedom but it is also about dedicating ourselves to work for peace and justice in our world.

How will you commemorate this Remembrance Day?

Thank you to the many hands from our community that came together to crochet poppies for our library window, please feel free to pop in and see it over the coming week. Our ladies in the library have done a marvelous job decorating the window. All of the poppies will be sent down to the Canberra War Memorial in the coming weeks.

Year 7 Formation

As part of the Year 7 Formation program we are asking our young Men of Action to take responsibility for making up some hampers that can be distributed to marginalised men in our local community. The requirements for the Hampers were discussed in their formation program on Tuesday and we are asking the boys to bring in their goods to contribute to their hamper on Tuesday 14 November. Please get behind their efforts to brighten up someone else’s Christmas season.

This week:

  • I encourage you to read or listen to Paul Keating’s speech at the funeral of the Unknown Soldier at the Australian War Memorial in 1993. To me, it is one of the best reflections on the terrible business of war Commemoration Speech
  • Contribute to the hampers that our Year 7 men are preparing
  • The Graduation Mass and Dinner is on Thursday 16 November at 6:00pm
  • India Immersion Commissioning Thursday 9 November at 6:30pm
  • Year 6 end of year liturgy is coming up on Wednesday 22 November at 9:40am

Mr Tim Kenny - Dean of Identity