On Thursday, 2 November, the College paused in prayer, specifically for our own parents and friends, staff and students who have passed on from this life.

November is the month dedicated to ‘Remembrance of the Dead’. We wish to especially remember those students who died while at St Patrick’s College, as also past students, staff, Brothers, especially Archbishop Sir James Duhig, third Archbishop of Brisbane for 48 years, and initiator of bringing the Brothers to St Patrick’s College, Shorncliffe, purchaser of Morven, died 10 April 1965. Fr Patrick O’Rourke, founder of our College,whodied on 31 May 1961, aged 69, in the Mater Hospital, after some years of ill-health, 44 years a priest. He had been Parish Priest of Sandgate since May 1947; and Fr Liam John Horsfall, SVD, College Chaplain for 18 years, died suddenly 8 August 2015. We remember Brothers Francis Daniel Coffey, founding Principal, 10 October 1973; Patrick Theophane Morrissey, second Principal, who died at 50 of a brain tumor, 11 April 1977; Kevin Marcian Quane, third Principal, 21 March 1994; Alan Jerome Mooney, fourth Principal, 19 September 1978; Leonard Patrick Warren, 22 years on the staff, died 17 March 2000; Francis Eymard Rogers, founding Brothers Community, 7 June 2002; Leo Patrick Col Fitzgerald, the longest serving Brother of 25 years, died 25 August 2014; Brian Gonzales Saward, founding Brothers Community, died suddenly in his sleep 13 January 2015; Mr John James Kennedy, first lay Principal, died 22 September 2010; Mrs Jenny Cotton, 14 years as parent volunteer and then teacher aide who died of cancer during Staff Week, 21 January, 2013; Mr Mark Mewburn was College Counsellor for 2003–2010 and then returned in 2016 to work for a fortnight, suffered a heart attack and died peacefully at the end of the first academic week, Friday 29 January, 2016; we remember parents and friends of the College. May they Rest In Peace!

There have been ten students who died while at the College, honoured in our ‘Wall of Remembrance.’ Thomas Barry was a ‘First Day Pupil’ number 205 in 1952. On 2 May 1953 he was tragically killed in a horse riding accident, two months short of his 12th Birthday. Noel James McKeering was one of 18 McKeerings to become students of the College. His 11th Birthday was on 2 November 1961, but a brain tumor hemorrhaged nine days later and at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month at 11 Years of age Noel James passed away. Paul Draper died of leukemia on the 12th day of the 12th month aged 12 Years in 1962. Michael O’Sullivan was “the brains of the 9A class” but suffered much, with frequent hospital stays, through Year 8 and 9. His heart gave way on Saturday 27 January 1968, three days short of the academic year and a few months short of his 15th birthday. Ian Wilson, 14 years old, an academically highly regarded and popular student, died, with his mother, in a car accident on 20 August 1969. James McEwen, of happy nature and pleasant personality, enjoyed a snow skiing trip with the College but contracted pneumonia, swine flu, and died after a very brief illness on 24 August 1973, one week after celebrating his 15th Birthday. Michael Thomas Ryan, an active young man despite his illness, died after a long struggle with leukemia soon after the academic year began on 28 February 1983 just two months short of his 13th Birthday. Damien Thomas Peet gave of his best, loved his family and life and enjoyed any fun available, died of cancer of the spine on 22 September 1993 aged 15 years. Damien Clark, blessed with considerable academic and sporting ability, died in an accident on 1 September 1994 aged 14 years. Elliott Ross Fletcher, aged 12 years, bright, cheerful and full of life was tragically taken while at College on Monday 15 February 2010, the 15th day of the new academic year.

Requiescant In Pace, Amen! Rest In Peace, Amen!

Br Christopher Pritchard