The experience: "The Call and The Departure" is the first major ritual undertaken as part of The Rite Journey. It is where we are asking mums and dads to lengthen the rope that they hold, so our young men can take greater ownership, be accountable, and take on greater responsibility for their actions.

We would like to say thank you to all the parents and mentors for making "The Call and The Departure" happen, for organising your family, your work commitments and finding time to be at the College at 5am. It was greatly appreciated.

We are calling and demonstrating to these Year 9 young men the importance of growing up, behaving and thinking like a man. During the year this will be emphasised through many lessons and experiences. Last Friday was the first of many steps, when we call them to remember who they are, where they come from, what they have done and where they would like to go. Most importantly, to show gratitude for their childhood experiences, while working together to leave their little boy behaviours (LBB) behind them.

With over 180 boys turning up, it showed that they are keen and willing to take on the challenges asked of them . All of the Year 9 young men should be very proud of themselves.

Mr Brian Polich - Program Leader - The Rite Journey