At Tuesday's Assembly I reminded students that we are now moving into a high volume period for assignments. Added to this, the end of term exams are fast approaching. It is important that all students now pay due attention to study planners, whereby they map out their commitments over the next few weeks. It may be the case that students will need to forgo some regular activities in order to concentrate on ensuring all study commitments are met.

I directed the boys to their student diaries where I asked them to refer to two documents. The first is a short book on study skills which has been published in the diary. I encourage parents and boys to work through this document together.

The second is the policy for the submission of assignments. It is important that this process is completed so that it is fair for all. Hence, it is quite a detailed policy. We do ask all parents and boys to become familiar with the policy relevant to their year level. To assist I have included the link to the Connect Teaching and Learning page where the Assignment and Non-Written Assessment Policy is located:

Connect>Assignment Policy - Click Here»

Mr Chris Campbell - Assistant Principal - Curriculum