Last week I had the good fortune of attending the ACEL (Australian Council for Educational Leaders) Conference in Sydney.The theme for this conference was “Respect the Past, Lead the Present, Secure the Future”.Mr Troy Schultz and I presented at this conference regarding the work we are doing here at St Patrick’s College to track and mentor our senior students.We hope that delegates were able to take away something from our presentation that they can implement in their own contexts to support improvement in student outcomes.

There were many inspirational speakers at this conference and so below I share with you some ‘take away’ quotes from four of those speakers that either affirmed what we do here at St Patrick’s or gave me food for thought on how we might be able to continue our journey of whole school improvement.

  • David Marquet (retired US Navy Captain): ‘It’s ok to say, “I don’t know” as a leader because it encourages a learning culture in your school’
  • Kirsti Lonka (Professor of Educational Psychology, University of Helsinki, Finland): ‘There is a widening gap between what students are doing outside of school and what they are doing in school so train them wisely in the use of technology and accommodate the social digital revolution’
  • Barbara Blackburn (Leading Educator and Author of Rigoris not a Four-Letter Word): ‘Focus on progress as well as achievement and set high expectations for ALL students’
  • Pasi Sahlberg (Finnish Educator, Author and Scholar, Visiting Professor of Practice at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education): ‘Stop asking “how good is my school?” and start asking “how is my school good?”

Ms Elizabeth Gaber - Head of Administration and Business Intelligence