Both the Timor Leste and Noonkanbah Immersions occurred across the break. Each of the young men did a great job of representing our community in the places they visited. Although Timor and Noonkanbah are very different communities they both share a history of people struggling to take ownership of their land and culture as well as of encountering issues about establishing their own identities. Immersions always remind me of the power of people to transform the world, when they live together as a community. The hospitality of the people is a transforming experience in itself and a real gift to our young men. A huge thank you to all the staff who made the immersions possible.

Year 10 students are invited to consider applying for one of the Solidarity Immersion experiences in 2018. The Immersion Application process is now open for students with information and application forms available on the Year 10 Religious Education Connect page. Please have a chat with your son about applying for one of the immersion experiences.

During the month of October the Church honours Mary as the Mother of the Rosary. It is the nature of human history that everything old becomes new again – one of the current trends in self-development is mindfulness meditation. This form of meditation practice seeks to still our racing minds in order to focus on the reality of being. The Church’s tradition of the Rosary, is an ancient practice that seeks exactly the same outcome. The one difference in the practice is that the Rosary reminds us that we cannot achieve anything by ourselves, the mantra of the prayers calls on Mary as the Mother of the Church to help us on our journey towards our God of love. The Rosary is a reminder that the reality of being, is being in the presence of God, a God whose constant message to us is one of love.

This week in Identity:

  • Friday prayer in the Chapel at 8:00am, all are welcome.
  • Paddies’ Van Ministries begin again next week
  • Year 10 students are invited to apply for Immersion experiences in 2018
  • Year 11 Leadership Retreat next week
  • Preparation for the India Immersion 2017
  • Paddies’ Van cooking a BBQ at Sacred Heart Sandgate on Friday 13 October

Mr Tim Kenny - Dean of Identity