Our last Trimester of team sport for 2018 wrapped up last weekend. Thanks to our coordinators Br Chris Prichard and Mr Steve Copping for organising another successful season. Well done to all our coaches, players for participating in the AIC Competition and our ever-reliable Mum and Dad taxi drivers getting everyone to and from training and games. Your support is very much appreciated by your sons and coaching staff.

Our message to the students is to enjoy sport and winning is a bonus, learn new skills and challenge yourself to continually improve. Our 1st tennis team certainly had a less than successful season but were a happy bunch who didn’t stop trying, Fighting the Good Fight. A picture below shows they took their season in good humour being presented with the ‘wooden spoon’.


Results from our season are below.

Basketball second overall in the AIC Aggregate competition

  • 10A, 7A, 11C & 5A AIC Premierships
  • 3rd V, 11A, 10B, 7B placed second in their division
  • 1st V, 10D Gold, 9B, 8A, 8C placed third in their division

Tennis fifth overall in the AIC Aggregate competition

  • 2 AIC Premierships
  • 10A, 10B, 9A placed third in their division

The AIC Track and Field season begins on Thursday 5 October, the first Thursday back after the holidays.The first meet will be held at the University of Queensland, St Lucia athletics track.Track and Field coordinator Mr Ryan Schultz is also presently organising a Track and Field meet during the holidays.Students and parents should check emails and the St Patrick’s App regularly for updates on upcoming meets.Track and Field is a very short season.It is vital that students wishing to be considered for the St Patrick’s team to compete at the AIC Championships on the 24 and 25 October attend and record results which will be used to select teams.Met North and Bramble Bay results are also considered in team selections.

Contacts for Trimester 4 Sport

Outstanding Student Achievements

Year 10A AIC Basketball Premiership 2017 – Coach Mark Glenday

This year has been an exciting year for the Year 10A Basketball team, starting off with the trial game against IONA. This was a huge test for the boys as we had a slight change of the roster with three new players joining our team. St Patrick’s was 20 points down and we came back to win by 1 point. That proved that this squad can play well as a team, a trait that stayed with this group of young men all season. The season was a tough one for the boys as each game was not easy. Every team made us work for our wins. From a coach’s point of view, all the games were exciting to watch but gave me more grey hairs.

Leading up to the last two games, the boys did not think about taking out the season as premiers. The two hardest games were our last two games, both away games against Iona and Padua. The boys were advised that we needed to take one game at the time. At the last game, the boys were told that if they could win and take out the season then I would shave my head. This got the players fired up, so CONGRATULATIONS to the boys as they won by 7 points and I have been true to my word and I have shaved my head.

I would like to thank the boys for making this season unbelievable, last year we only won two games and to come back this year to be undefeated is a massive jump. Once again CONGRATULATION boys on a job well done and so credit to you all. To Sam, my assistant Coach, and to the boys, thank you for an awesome season and many thanks boys for the thank you card.

Mark Glenday Head Coach


Jackson Langenberg was selected to represent Australia in the IHF Trophy U21 Challenge held in the Cook Islands, in the sport of Handball.Australia placed third in a strongly contested tournament. The eventual winners were Tahiti and New Caledonia. Both countries having French influence and a very strong handball culture.Jackson was one of the highlighted players in the Australian team.His recent family trip to Germany was invaluable in continuing his development of his game skills.Handball Australia featured the below article (extract) about Jackson’s performance:

Individually, by and large, all players performed well in their roles. The pick of the group was Jackson Langenberg. The experience he picked up on his trip to Germany was a key ingredient to his success. One of the things that stood out was his vision of the game and knowing what he needed to do. The victory over New Zealand was due in no small part to his contribution. He commenced the scoring in the game and also scored the last goal. He directed the attack extremely well and his general defensive play was strong and intelligent. Another aspect of his game that was not evident in any other player was the lengths he would go to ensure that the attack flowed. In general, in the first 10 minutes of any game, Oceania teams are likely to be sloppy in their general play because players are still becoming used to the game. This is the time when there are many dropped balls or ill-directed passes. This is due to players warming to the task. Time and again I have been at trainings or games where people are complaining about the quality of the passing but this is only 50% of the problem. It is also about the willingness of the player to get the ball. The number of times Jackson would catch a ball directed at his ankles or well above his head was quite high. He didn’t break stride, he just made the effort to get to the ball and ensure the flow of the game was maintained. This is the difference between a casual player and a more full-time player and something that should be an aspiration for all others.

Last weekend Jackson travelled to Sydney to compete in the Junior National Titles. He, along with a number of St Patrick’s alumni (Hamish Langenberg, Hamish McKerihan and Xavier Stringer) played in both the U18 and U21 teams.Our St Patrick’s students won both competitions.Jackson has now been selected to play for the Queensland Open Senior Team at the Senior National Titles in Sydney in October.


Mr Doug Locke - Director of Sport