Last week I shared the information we gathered regarding our students’ study and homework habits. This week I am sharing the information we gathered through our Tutor Group mentoring program regarding the time our boys spend on social media, gaming and the internet. The time some students are spending on screens continues to be of concern. The research has found that engaging in various forms of social media can certainly benefit children, however I’m sure we would all agree that there is a healthy amount of time spent in front of the screen. As our young men are still developing their ability to self-regulate, they may need our assistance and support in stepping away from the gaming console or social media site. Almost 20% of our student body are spending over four and a half hours on social media and gaming etc. each night. This may explain the hours spent on study and homework (shared last week) and the sleep patterns they have (shared next week).This figure grows to over 50% on the weekend, with 5% spending over 10 hours on the weekend on their phones, their games or computer for non-study related reasons.

Social Media Internet Gaming Data

Subject Selections

Finally, a reminder that our Year 8, 9 and 10 students are currently selecting their subjects for next year. Each student will need to print his receipt from after he has chosen his preferences.

Year 10:

Our current Year 10 students will bring their receipts to their scheduled SET Plan meeting with their mentor on Friday 18 August 2017.The mentor-student pairing is not random; in most cases these partnerships have been put in place due to an existing positive working relationships between that student and teacher. This teacher will continue to be your son’s mentor until he completes Year 12.We have 38 outstanding, dedicated teachers who volunteered for this program and who willingly give of their time for training in the program and then of course to conduct meeting with students. I would like to personally thank them for their professionalism and commitment to our young men.

Year 9:

The deadline for submitting receipts and preferences is 3:00 pm Monday 21 August 2017.At this point I will close the program.

Year 8:

The deadline for submitting receipts and preferences is 3:00 pm Friday 18 August 2017.At this point I will close the program.

If any student has issues in selecting his preferences he needs to come and see me before this deadline.

Ms Elizabeth Gaber - Dean of Administration and Business Intelligence