Did you know…?

  1. The official language of Indonesia is called Bahasa Indonesia? Bahasa means language.
  2. It is the first language of 17 to 30 million of the country’s inhabitants. Second language speaker, however, amount to over 140 million.
  3. It is a standardised form of High Malay so while there are some differences, you will be able to understand and communicate with those in Malaysia too.
  4. In 1928 at the Youth Congress, Bahasa Indonesia was adopted as the national language. Then in 1945 when Indonesia declared its independence and Bahasa Indonesia was formally endorsed as the national language, it was the native language of about only five per cent of the population.
  5. Bahasa Indonesia uses repetition to make a plural. For example, kucing means cat and kucing-kucing means cats.

So why do offer Bahasa Indonesia?

Indonesia is of course Australia’s closest neighbour, and this means that Australia's present and future are closely linked to those of Indonesia. Apart from our geographical proximity, the strategic and cultural importance of Australia-Indonesia relationships is evident every day in the media.

Learning the national language opens doors to Indonesia’s culture and way of life. Travel to Indonesia is easy and relatively inexpensive. In-country experiences are literally on our doorstep. And because Indonesian is based on Malay, learning Indonesian not only gives students knowledge of the language of the world’s largest Muslim country, but also provides access to three other countries in Southeast Asia, namely Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

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Miss Sam Hutchinson – LOTE Teacher